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Abdallah El-Said scores on debut as Pyramids beat Al Ahly

Abdallah El-Said scores on debut as Pyramids beat Al Ahly
Abdallah El-Said scored on his debut as Pyramids recorded a historic 2-1 victory over Al Ahly in the eighth round of the Egyptian Premier League.

After completing his move to Pyramids on Friday morning, El-Said has made an immediate start for the club as he captained his side against his former club, to guide Pyramids for their first ever league victory against Al Ahly.

Al Ahly started strongly as they forced their domination over the game, after five minutes they had their first chance when Nasser Maher collected the ball around the box before sending a long-range effort but it went over.

The Red Devils were controlling the game in terms of possession, but they failed to break through as Pyramids have been organizing themselves perfectly at the back to prevent any threats.

However, in the 33rd minute, Ramadan Sobhi made a great run on the left side before freeing Ali Maloul who played a great cross to Walid Azrou who headed home to give Al Ahly the lead.

In the second minute of the additional time, Al Ahly could have doubled their lead after a great run from Nasser Maher who sent Azarou through but the Moroccan wasn’t fast enough before being booked for simulation.

Pyramids started the second half much better as they managed to take over the midfield and closed all the spaces in front of Al Ahly’s midfielders.

Two minutes into the second half, Pyramids won a freekick on the left side, El-Said sent a perfect cross which was met by Mohamed Farouk into the net, exploiting on El-Shennawy’s wrong timing to clear the ball.

One minute later, Al Ahly received a great freekick on the edge of the penalty box, Ali Maloul stepped up but his effort hit the bar.

In the 57th minute, El-Said scored his first goal for his new club to give Pyramids the lead. Keno made a huge effort on the left side, beating Karim Nedved before finding El-Said, who smashed it into the El-Shennawy’s net.

In the 67th minute, Pyramids could have doubled their lead when El-Said played a dangerous corner into the Al Ahly box to Eric Traore, who failed to translate from close range as his effort hit the post.

Al Ahly retook control of the game after conceding the second goal, as Lasarte tried to make several changes to get back into the game bringing in Walid Soliman, Marwan Mohsen and Mohamed Mahmoud.

In the 82nd minute, Ahmed El-Sheikh was in verge to score the equalizer for Al Ahly after El-Shennawy’s mistake to clear the ball but El-Sheikh’s header hit the side-netting.

In the final minute of the additional time, Al Ahly Sobhi had a last-gasp chance for an equalizer when Ramadan Sobhi found space on the left, before finding Mohsen but his shot was denied by El Shennawy to save the three points for the hosts.

Pyramids extend their position in the second place with 33 points, five away from leaders Zamalek, while Al Ahly stay in the sixth position with 24 points with three games left.



  1. Pyramids#1

    January 4, 2019 at 11:48 PM

    Pyramids, the best club in Egypt now! Next time will beat the devil’s club again and again.

  2. Ahmed

    January 5, 2019 at 2:28 AM

    HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO at Ahly. What a fraud of a club exposed at the first sign on serious competition. The whining and crying and social media is hilarious. They want Pyramids to go away and the FA to mess up a couple of Zamalek games so they can be handed the league trophy like every year.

    “But but but its not fair, Turki was supposed to give us his money”

    I truly hope other rich investors follow in the footsteps of Pyramids and buy Egyptian clubs. We might end up with a decent looking league.

    • Pyramids#1

      January 5, 2019 at 7:24 PM

      I agree with you 100 %

  3. Anon

    January 5, 2019 at 10:11 PM

    Another billionaire buying an egyptian club as his plaything won’t clean the league up. It just isn’t as simple as that. The FA is still rotten to the core and the football will suffer from that. The problems with Egyptian football are part of wider problems with Egyptian politics and society as a whole. It will require an entire new revolution to clean it. And as we saw in 2011, the saudis won’t put their dirty hands in to help real change. They will put their dirty hands and money in to football, to benefit themselves and improve their own strategic position in the region, but they won’t help the egyptian people to help the broken system themselves. Revolutions spread, something the saudis don’t want (especially on their doorstep, as it means the downfall of their regime). Pyramids and other billionaire ventures just add “legitimacy” to an already rotten system. They make it seem like the league is getting better, although the same problems within are still there.
    It’s time for some real change, although the people behind Pyramids really won’t like that. Besides, it seems a bit incompetent to learn about football from a country that also doesn’t have a very good football league. Judging by your previous comments about Al Ahly and the Egyptian League, i’d have thought that you’d aim higher than the Saudi model of club ownwership and the Saudi League in general. After all, it is just as much of a joke. We need to get some real change and we need to aim higher than Saudi Arabia. After all, it really isn’t the ideal model of footballing success.

    • Ahmed

      January 5, 2019 at 10:54 PM

      I agree with you. I made the comment based on the fact that I don’t believe anything will change soon because I am aware of what you said. The FA won’t just magically become what it needs to become because it is part of the wider scope of things and it follows the same path the rest of the country is following.

      The country needs another revolution ( a proper one), however, the general level of education coupled with other factors like the strength of the regime itself as well as the overwhelming and illogical place Egyptian People (even the young ones) give to religion in their thinking makes it clear that it won’t happen. At the moment, we have a largely uneducated population (ready to believe anything the regime tells them…maybe it will change after all the 35yo+ generation will be gone) that has filled the void left by the lack of education with an overwhelming and unhealthy amount of religion which basically kills off the last hopes/ounces of efficient thinking. We are basically stuck in a position where we are devoid of everything we need for a revolution to be successful all while being probably one of the countries that have the most deeply rooted military regime in the world. Sorry for my pessimism, but I don’t see it changing.

      In the meantime, the best alternative (I can see) to the full cleanup we need Egyptian football is foreign or local investment that would lead to a rise of competitiveness and maybe some fairness. However, as you said, even this will probably fail because foreign investors (especially from KSA) are not here for the good reasons, but for their agenda. Regardless, I’m just happy to see the usual suspects get spanked this time around.

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