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Former Premier League referee Clattenburg: Salah prefers to try to win a penalty

Mohamed Salah

photo by David Blunsden/Action Plus via Getty Images

Former FIFA referee  gave his verdict on accusations against for diving and simulation to win penalties.

Mohamed Salah scored a brace in Liverpool’s thrilling 4-3 victory over Crystal Palace securing his side to the top of the table spot. However, he was accused of simulation again when he went to ground in the first half in a challenge with defender Mamadou Sakho.

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The 26-year-old and his teammates were awarded four penalties in their last four Premier League matches, with Salah winning three of them. Because of that, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp defended the star after accusations of simulation following the team’s victory over Arsenal.

“Mo Salah went down with no contact from Mamadou Sakho. It’s irrelevant that he did not appeal for a penalty, because he was trying to deceive referee Jonathan Moss, who should have issued a yellow card,” Mark Clattenburg told the Daily Mail.

“Salah was accused of going down easily to win penalties against Arsenal and Newcastle. In all these situations, he has no chance to score, so it seems he prefers to try to win a penalty,” the current Head of Refereeing for the Saudi Arabian Football Federation added.

First accusations against Salah came after Liverpool’s victory over Newcastle on Boxing Day, with former Premier League referee Mark Halsey claiming that Salah should receive a two-game ban and Burnley boss  slamming the English FA for not banning him.

As he is Liverpool’s penalty taker, he will know winning a spot-kick means he has a free shot at goal. He is then likely to increase his chances of winning the Golden Boot. One thing I have noticed is that when Salah goes down to try to win penalties, his hands go above his head.

“This is what officials look for when trying to see if a player has simulated. Usually, if you are knocked over, you put your hands straight out to break your fall.

“Until the introduction of VAR, if a player simulates, a suspension should follow – irrespective of the referee’s decision.”

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  1. Mohamed Elkeblawy

    January 21, 2019 at 6:58 PM

    Well,I think he deserved a yellow card last match for simulation. He’s gonna ruin his reputation of he continued “diving”.

  2. kenhawkeye

    January 21, 2019 at 7:58 PM

    There are a lot of people out there not doing their homework before writing emotionalist and wildly inaccurate rubbish, and with scant knowledge of the laws of the game. If you kick an opponent or pull their shirt, it’s cheating and if in the penalty area, this is a penalty. Strikers will play on this but their playing on it does not negate it. Kane does it, Vardy does it Sterling does it and there are others. Has anybody done a breakdown of the number of times key Premiership strikers have dubiously gone down in the penalty area this year and been rewarded for their efforts? Or how many times those strikers have been deemed to have “dived” by the media? it would be interesting to see how Salah shapes up against all the others, considering Liverpool have only had a handful of penalties awarded this season. Is he flavour of the month for the media and the Manc conspiracy theorists? Come on all of you stats experts, this should be a doddle for you or does disproving this myth not fit your agenda?

    • Samia Sakr

      January 22, 2019 at 10:15 AM

      I totally agree with you,and if his situation is so critical why doesn’t his coach warn him not to repeat this diving attitude. God bless zsalah.

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