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Pyramids FC threaten to issue official complaint against EFA

Egyptian National Team - EFA - Cup

have published an official statement stating that they’ll make an official complaint against the Egypt FA to the and due to their lack of organization.

In their statement, the newly-branded club said that they will issue an official complaint to both the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and FIFA if all teams fail to finish all first-leg matches.

The statement also demanded that the Egypt FA should publish the Egypt Cup schedule so that all teams can prepare for the competition.

“The club explained that this decision came in order to secure justice and equality between all teams as it is absurd for Pyramids FC to play games in the second leg while other teams didn’t even finish the first leg.” They stated in their statement.

This complaint came because Cairo giants Al Ahly still didn’t finish playing all of their first-leg games because of their commitment in the African competitions and the Arab Club Championship and only played 16 games in the league. As for Pyramids, they finished all of their 20 games.


Photo: Pyramids FC

Pyramids are currently second on the Egyptian League table with 39 points six below league leaders Zamalek who have two games in hand. They will face 14th placed El Dakhleya in their next game on February 4.



  1. Ahmed

    January 30, 2019 at 4:37 AM

    I understand them. When we compare how this league manages the schedules of teams involved in CL and other competitions it’s easy to realize how outrageous this is.

    At one point Ahly had played a total of 6 games when all the other teams had played double digits numbers of games. It is unfair to watch a team get months of free time to recover and play when they are ready.

    It is not the problem of the 16 other clubs that Zamalek or Ahly are participating in CL clashes. If Man City has a game on Sunday followed by a game on Wednesday in the CL, they don’t get the Sunday game put on stand by for 2 months for when they can play it fresh and ready.

    You managed to secure a CL or Confederation cup spot, then act like a team worthy of it and rotate your squad or do whatever you have to do to be ready for both the league and the CL clashes.

    But of course, gotta pamper and make the league as easy as it can be for Ahly and Zamalek. Joke of a league and FA.

    • Mo

      January 30, 2019 at 9:00 AM

      I totally agree with you. I hope they get a sanction so they don’t do that again. But unfortunately I dont know my home country in another way. That is really sad

      • Ahmed

        January 30, 2019 at 5:33 PM

        It’s Ahly and Zamalek. The EFA basically works for them. This has been going on for years now. This year it went even further because they used the excuse of the Arab Cup and the tight schedule imposed by CAF due to the new edition of the CL and confederation cup, but they have been postponing Ahly and Zamalek games for years now to make sure they play their league games the freshest possible.

        Its a joke of a league that is a mirror of the country really. I hope FIFA does sanction them because I don’t see any hope of change coming from within the country. They should rebrand to AZFA (the Ahly and Zamalek football federation).

        • Ayman

          January 30, 2019 at 9:15 PM

          Do you even watch the Egyptian league? Al Ahly play a game every four days and have over 10 injured players because of that. It’s not the club’s nor the EFA’s fault that the CAF have decided to impose a tight schedule, the EFA should support their clubs when they play in the CAF competitions and that’s why they postpone some of their games. IT’S THE CAF’S FAULT NOT THE EFA’S. Al Ahly have played seven games in less than 30 days, including one in Algeria, do you think they are happy with that?

          • Ahmed

            January 31, 2019 at 1:03 AM

            First of all its not true. Go back and look at the fixtures. They have played a game every 4 days for some spans in the season, but they also had many spans where 10 days and more separated each game.

            Also, even if they did play every 4 days, it’s not the problem of the FA or the other teams. Your question as to if they are ”happy with that” is typical. As if the FA and the other teams in the league should go out of their way to make Ahly or Zamalek happy. If you are not happy with it then don’t participate in the Arab Cup or do whatever you gotta do to see it through. Everybody knew that CAF brought a tough schedule for this season and its not very smart on their end, but not the problem of the other teams in the league. We’re 3 games into the second round and Ahly has yet to complete the first round.

            Nobody comes out crying when a PL team has a game on a Sunday followed by one on a Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s 2 days that separate these games yet their FA doesn’t come out throwing favors at a team. Starting from the 20th of this month Man City played a game every 3 days. Nobody is injured (because they know how to rotate and have good medical and fitness staff) and nobody came out to complain. Because this is what you’ve got to go to go through if you want to compete in different competitions, not rely on a corrupt FA to postpone your games for months on end.

            Go cry elsewhere or open your TV and watch some ON Sport and Nile Sport where they pamper Ahly adn Zamalek and make sure their fans don’t get their pretty little feelings hurt over the truth.

  2. Ayman

    January 31, 2019 at 12:05 PM

    1.They had a span of 10 days because they had games outside Egypt. Al Ahly will also play 8 games in February, check their schedule.

    2.”It’s not the problem of the FA” then why are you crying about it.

    3.The participation in the Arab Club Championship was obligatry due to political reasons.

    4.It’s not the problems of the other teams nor Al Ahly and Zamalek.

    5.You can’t compare the PL in England (A first world country) to a third world shithoe like Egypt.

    6.If Man City have an away game in the CL, they don’t travel before a week before like in Africa, any Egyptian club who have to play an away game travel at least 3 days before the game and return 2 days after it (The travelling in Africa is not like Europe ffs)

    7.All the TV channels and media have been bought by Pyramids owner Turki Al Sheikh, and Pyramids currently have more power than Al Ahly and Zamalek due to their money, so STFU and go watch the Canadian football league instead or watch some NHL or some shit.

    • Ahmed

      February 1, 2019 at 8:43 PM

      Mate, are you 8 years old or something? Each one of your points is either you crying about something because it shouldn’t be as it is and you can’t find a good argument to back it or a totally moot argument.

      1- Your excuse is that they had to play games outside of Egypt? What type of argument is that? They are playing a continental competition, it’s a given that they will travel outside of the country to play games. This brings us back to the European example I gave you earlier…you think a Saturday game followed by a Tuesday or Wednesday game in the CL is always one that is at home for a club like City or UTD? Why can they do it, but Ahly can’t? Also…City will be playing 7 games in February so what is your point? And to the opposite of Ahly, they don’t have a s*** ton of games that have been rescheduled for them.

      2- Not being ”the problem of the FA” is exactly why people are not happy about what is happening. The FA should not intervene to smooth the path for any team for countless numbers of reasons that we won’t start listing here because it really derives from basic logic and you only have to take a look at Europe to understand that what the EFA does for Al Ahly and sometimes Zamalek is unfair and illogical. It is not the job of the FA to reschedule games for a team in order for that team to play its games under better circumstances because it’s participating in this or that competition.

      3- I don’t care just as well as everybody. You are participating for whatever reason you want to with it. Once again, it’s not the job of the FA to postpone your games (who are also the other team’s games) for you to play them under better circumstances or to free you of any fatigue/injuries before your CL/Arab Championship games. Would’ve been nice for City to not be embroiled in two different cup games days before their clash against Newcastle, but the FA did not intervene because it’s not their job. You wanna win different championships, this is what it implies, not for you to sit there and wait for somebody to remaster the schedule in order to minimize your fatigue and injury risks.

      4- Yes it is the problem of the other teams because their games against Ahly are rescheduled and typically these teams don’t participate in other competitions and therefore should not be put into a situation where they play 2 or 3 games a week. If Ahly plays in the CL, it’s his problem and duty to take on a tougher schedule, by getting his games systematically postponed by the FA, this duty is dropped onto the shoulders of the other teams who see their games against Ahly postponed.

      5- Yes I can because this is a simple time planing thing. Everywhere in the world, the days are made of 24 hours. There is no excuse that justifies what we’re seeing. It’s actually this type of practice that ensures that this league remains an unfair ”shithole” of a league because it is tailored for one or two teams.

      6- ”The traveling in Europe is not like Africa”? What type of argument is that? Traveling between countries is done by plane. The traveling times are about the same and teams in Europe usually arrive at least 2 days before the game. Which means, if you’re City and your playing on a Saturday or Sunday and have a game on Wednesday, you are probably hopping into the plane hours after your game on the weekend. You also leave the same night the game is over. African air travel rules don’t allow you to book a flight the same night of a game? What type of 8-year-old argument is that?

      7- Mate, Idk what you’re rambling on about with your Turki Al Sheikh and Pyramids. All I know is that in years of watching Egyptian football I haven’t opened my TV and listened to a fair assessment of the situation or a single pundit that said things are as they are in regards to the lack of fairness that ruins this league and boosts the lack of professionalism to new heights.

      Come back with logical and fair arguments. All I read was child-like justifications that have no logical bases and a strong hint of partisanism towards your team which I don’t hate. I actually don’t have any love for any of the clubs in this league, but I still wish I could open my TV and watch some quality football from my country, but unfortunately, the behavior of the FA and especially their never-ending crusade and favoritism in favor of Ahly and Zamalek is one of the main components in the failure of this league.

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