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Sam Morsy advises young players to work hard

Photo: Paul Harding/Getty Images

captain has warned talent solely is not enough for young players to go to next level in modern football, saying that methods of learning have now changed.

Morsy have collected 27 appearances to date for Wigan in the Championship this season, where he only scored one goal.

Wigan occupy the 19th place in the league table after they obtained 32 points after 30 rounds.

“The way the world is now, things are different for younger players now. I remember growing up and playing for hours in the street, that’s how you learned a lot of things,” Morsy said.

“At the top clubs, the way they build their players from a young age with the training regime and their temperament, it’s no surprise to see top players coming through. It’s getting harder and harder, so young guys have to find something within them, their reason why.”

“Every day, they need to want to improve, they need to run, hit the gym, improve their flexibility, everything. In this era, Clubs have all kinds of specialists to help you improve if you want it. If you want to change any aspect, you can do it, there has been no better time for it but you have to want to put in the hours.”

“You can’t come in, go through the motions and go home, it doesn’t work like that. It gets tougher and tougher every season. Young players might think it’s talent alone but it’s much more than that, you have to live it.”

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