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Emile Heskey: Salah trying too hard

Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images

Former Liverpool striker has given his say regarding ’s declining goalscoring rate, alleging that it’s mainly down to the Reds’ star over doing things to find the goal.

Salah has failed to score for the seventh game in a row as Liverpool snatched a late defeat against Fulham on Sunday.

The 26-year-old’s last goal for the Reds came against Bournemouth on February 9 and has since assisted just once in seven games across all competitions.

“He’s still got 17 goals, so he’s not having that bad a season but he’s probably just trying a little bit too hard,” Heskey told Sky Sports.

“He’s looking at the season before when he was scoring all these goals, confidence was high, things were ricocheting then going in.”

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“He’s not getting that luck now, but he still wants to get the goals and everyone is still looking at him as that go-to guy for the goals.”

“There are times when he should be passing the ball but he’s wanting to score himself. That is the danger.”

“When you’re going through that patch you need the balance. You need to know when to pass the ball and when to take the shot.”

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  1. Mohamad Almiski

    March 18, 2019 at 11:54 PM

    I usually have more respect for Proffesional players than to insult their abilities but Heskey is an exception. Heskey was a dinasour of an old era of PL football in which the striker was supposed to be this strong mule to fight for the ball while the actual skilled players make their way upfield to catch up to the long kick that the mule (Heskey) is fighting for to hold up. He doesn’t know how to score goals neither does he have a single ounce of footwork within his oversized body. I geniously think i’m a more skilled player than he was. So with that being said any opinion he has about ability and goal scoring means nothing. I’ll grit my teeth and respectfully hear critisism from Shearer and the likes about Salah but not this guy.

    • Lucas A.

      March 19, 2019 at 3:10 PM

      I agree with your comments regarding Heskey (lol @ “the mule” :p). He definitely was a boring striker with minimal skill, and just a pure finisher; however, his comments about Salah are fairly accurate. Salah is trying too hard, and it’s obvious that his eye is on the goal before he even gets to the goal, which is affecting his decision making, and is making him too predictable and easy to defend. Last season, he was unpredictable and was almost impossible to defend. I think part of the problem also this season is that he is not getting the ball as often, and doesn’t get as many easy goal scoring opportunities as Mane, and also, Salah is guarded more tightly. But I think now with Mane being on fire, he will start to take more of the attention, which should open up things more for Salah.

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