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Al Ahly threaten to forfeit from Egyptian Premier League

Photo: Ahmed Awaad/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Egyptian giants have threatened to forfeit from the if the Egyptian Football Federation () don’t resolve their scheduling issues.

The EFA have struggled to implement a solid schedule to league and cup games as several teams participate in continental and regional competitions. To make matters worse, they had to readjust the schedule in January when Egypt got chosen to host the 2019 AFCON.

Egypt’s football governing body had recently released new dates for the final matchday of the league, which was met with disapproval by Al Ahly board, and they announced that they will release a statement with new league schedule amendments.

On Friday night the Reds released a statement criticizing the constant change of schedule, saying that it goes against all the fair play rules. They then gave five proposals to the EFA to help ensure a fair way to end the league.

Their first condition is to ensure that no games will be postponed to after the AFCON and also that they will have a proper break between this season and the next one, or else they will forfeit from the league.

They then stated that they wont play their final games of the season, until all teams have played their postponed games. They continued by saying that all games of the final fixture should be played at the same time to make sure that all teams get an equal chance in reaching their season’s objective.

In their fourth point they assured that they don’t mind playing the games at the same time as the postponed league games as long as the EFA still intends to continue both competitions this season.

Finally they demanded from the EFA to release final schedules to both the league and cup games to ensure fair play and make sure that all teams have enough rest between seasons.

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