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Al Ahly take demands to CAS, FIFA, International Court

Al Ahly take demands to CAS, FIFA, International Court


Al Ahly resorted to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, FIFA and the International Court, to demand that the  resolve four important problems.

Earlier today, Al Ahly have released a statement in which they criticized the EFA’s scheduling changes and listed a series of claims supporting their position.

However, the club released another statement on their official website, which stated: “The board of directors of the club discussed in its meeting today evening, under the chairmanship of President , the latest repercussions regarding the scheduling of the remaining games of the league which has not yet been determined.”

The club is demanding that the Egyptian Football Federation resolves the following points as soon as possible:

First, “To take all legal measures in accordance with the order provided for in sports laws, local and international regulations, and the Olympic Charter. This should be done in accordance with the Appeals Committee of the Football Federation, through the Settlement and Arbitration Center, to FIFA and the International Sports Court. This should be done to defend the rights of the club in the 2018/2019 season after the decisions of the Egyptian Football Federation regarding some of the last games of the competition, which did not observe the principles of equal opportunities nor the rules of fair play, and do not achieve justice between competing clubs.”

Photo: Al Ahly SC

Second, “To request the Egyptian Football Association to assume its responsibilities without delay and to resolve the following four issues:

  • The starting of the local registration in a timely manner, and be in conjunction with the contentinal registration by 10/7/2019 so that the Egyptian clubs, which are participating in the CAF competitions, are able to register new players in the African competitions without the payment of a fine.

  • Take all measures to manage local competitions in a professional manner that preserves the rights of all. And to determine the situation from the completion of the rest of Premier League’s last season games at the start of the new season, which would require a great time and will come at the expense of the time allocated for the competitions of the 2019-2020 season. Especially since this will be contrary to regulations because the clubs will participate in last season’s competitions with the new season’s signings, meaning that these competitions will feature players from three periods of registration, which was rejected by the EFA in previous years.

  • Preparation of a clear complete list by the EFA by specialized experts, which would include the solving of all last season’s negatives, and to give all clubs the full opportunity to view the list and make comments on it.

  • The establishment of a clear date, committed by the FA, for the application of the VAR technology; to stop the series of the controversial refereeing decisions, which caused the appointment of foreign referees in many games this season; note that Al Ahly have previously addressed the federation on 3/9/2018, and asked for the application of the VAR technology after their games witnessed refereeing errors. The club received a letter from the EFA on 4/10/2018 promising to implement the technology starting from 1/1/2019, which did not happen.

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