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Marcelo reveals background story regarding Mohamed Salah

Photo: Ina Fassbender/picture alliance via Getty Images

Real Madrid left back has admitted he had anxiety issues ahead of Los Merengues encounter against Liverpool in the 2018 Champions League final.

Marcelo was on the victorious end in 2018 when Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev to clinch their 13th UEFA Champions League title and third consecutive trophy.

The match saw Salah’s tie-ending shoulder injury which he suffered in his famous duel with Sergio Ramos and made him forced off after half an hour, dealing Liverpool a big blow to their chances back then.

Even though he was on of Madrid’s protagonists throughout the tournament, Marcelo disclosed that he was anxious before the game that he thought about calling the doctor.

“For me, the pressure was the most intense before the Liverpool final. Maybe people will think that is strange. We had already won two trophies in a row. Everybody on the outside wanted Liverpool to win. So what’s the problem?” Marcelo quoted saying to The Players’ Tribute.

“I had never had such intense anxiety before, so I didn’t know what was happening. I thought about calling for the doctor, but I was worried that he wouldn’t let me play. And I had to play, 100%. I had to prove something to myself.”

“A few days before the final a former Real Madrid player had said something about me on TV that stuck in my head. He’d been asked what he thought about the final, and he said, “I think Marcelo should buy a poster of , put it up on his wall, and pray to it every night.””

“After 12 years and 3 Champions League trophies, he disrespected me like this on live TV. This comment was meant to sink me. But it gave me so much motivation.”

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